About Brooklyn Ramen:


Our consulting service offers intensive onsite training programs that teach you and your staff how to create great ramen. We come to you because we know that every kitchen, every venue, and every city is unique. We work with you in your own kitchen to understand your menu. Equally important is our location specific research and sourcing of quality ingredients. We believe in locally sourced noodles, meats, and produce, but when they aren’t available we have partnerships with suppliers of quality ingredients that we have proven in our test kitchens.   

We are a global consultancy bringing the best Ramen to every corner of the globe.


Who We Are:

At the heart of Brooklyn Ramen’s consulting services is a partnership of dedicated Japanese chefs based in NYC. We have known the art of traditional ramen in our home country and played a major role in the evolution of ramen and the ramen craze that has taken New York and other cities by storm. Between us we have over 50 years of experience making, eating, and loving ramen. If you’ve had great ramen in NYC chances are that you already know Brooklyn Ramen.